A South African Legend

Workshops & Master Classes

As part of the Moholo Foundation Jazz Youth Master Programme workshops and master classes will take place during the scheduled meetings focusing on: Rhythm section techniques, Vocal techniques, Woodwind and Brass techniques. It is highly recommended that young learners will be exposed to the Jazz tradition through a history component of the Moholo Foundation Youth Jazz Masters Programme.

Topics to be covered will include

  • South African and Latin Jazz
  • An introduction to South African jazz and its early development
  • Perspective on South African Styles
  • Contemporary South African Music
  • An introduction to Latin jazz and its early exponents
  • Contemporary Latin jazz
  • The Hard Bop
  • Hard Bop in the 50’s: consolidation of a “common practice” in jazz
  • The concept and philosophy of Free Jazz
  • Art ensemble of Chicago; other Free – influenced Groups. Structures and Freedom
  • Big band and Contemporary Jazz
  • The modern Big band Era
  • Contemporary big band
  • Jazz arrangers in the fusion/eclectic era
  • Funk/Fusion: Jazz musicians in the commercial domain



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